Foreword: One Filmmaker's Biggest Secret - Mentorship

From his humble days of picking up cigarette butts on the floor to the esteemed director and producer he is today, Ismail is inspired to create films that show reflections of who we are as a diverse country so that we understand each other better. In the last 10 years of being in the filmmaking industry, his spirit of excellence and selflessness has been his core values on his dream journey to becoming a director. Ismail pushes others to achieve their potential, in hopes to continue pushing the filmmaking industry in Malaysia to advance. His mentorship approach has brought him to where he is today as an aspiring director and producer. 

#Foreword is a collaboration series hosted by creative leads in Malaysia to celebrate passion-driven people and those who inspired their journey. This week we have Ming Han, founder of TheMingThing and creative director at CORE Studios with Ismail Kamarul, director, producer and co-founder of Reservoir Production

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