A Life Given for a Society Neglected

Fathers play an especially important role in affirming a child's identity and steering them towards reaching their fullest potential. They are vital role models and caregivers to children facing physical or psychological challenges.

A while back, the Passion Portraits team covered the story of Jimmy Low - a man with a heart of gold, who found his purpose and dedicated three decades to building a dream bigger than himself. Father to many and friend to all, Jimmy saw the need and importance of early intervention for children with learning difficulties. Hence, establishing Dayspring Training Centre in 1988.

Today, Dayspring provides vocational training and sheltered workshops for over 50 individuals with learning difficulties, pointing them towards being self-independent. Giving them the self-respect, dignity and the right to proper employment and be involved in community living .

This Father's Day, we celebrate the life of Jimmy Low, who certainly embodies love and selflessness.

We at Passion Portraits are constantly inspired by the many stories we hear of other passion-driven individuals in our community. In this episode of our Pp Original Series, we would like to celebrate and introduce to you the backbone and driving force of Dayspring Training Centre. By sharing these stories, we hope that you too would be encouraged and inspired by their endeavours.

If you wish to support the work or reach out to the community at Dayspring, you can do so to : dayspringselangor@yahoo.com

Adrian Yap