Combating Sickness with Food Waste

Malaysia is found to have the highest level of exceedance in pesticide residues outside of the EU, according to a report by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in 2014. Alarmed by the statistics and how youths of today are contracting numerous conditions ranging from skin issues to cancer, Dr. Lemuel, a medical doctor by training, decided to pave the way for healthy farming.

FOLO Farm was pioneered by Dr. Lemuel and three other families in 2014 with a vision to feed their community nutritionally packed and super organic vegetables by using food waste which are transformed to produce microbes-rich compost.

Beyond feeding bodies, the humble team of six families aspires to also create community and wellness by inspiring individuals from all walks of life to join them in forming FOLO farms beyond their territory in Johor. These guys are certainly altering the way we look at our waste, how we grow our food and how we treasure our loved ones.

FOLO Farm is one of the 30 start-ups selected from around the world to compete for a share of the Chivas Venture $1 million fund. Let's help our Malaysian team continue to create positive change by voting for them.

We at Passion Portraits are constantly inspired by the many stories we hear of other passion-driven individuals in our community. In this episode of our Pp Original Series, we would like to celebrate and introduce to you the people behind FOLO Farm. By sharing these stories, we hope that you too would be encouraged and inspired by their endeavours.