Foreword: The Art of Killing Our Inner Chicken

From his university days of designing brochures and event logos to the revered creative director he is today, Sa'ad Hussien is inspired to create and execute ideas that challenge the status quo of the advertising industry in Malaysia. Having started from ground zero, Sa'ad has experienced multiple work scope including photography, graphic design, client servicing and many more. The past decades of hard work has taught him persistence and diligence - both very needed qualities to survive an industry of such high turnover rate. His tenacity, strength and bravery has won him many awards and he hopes to continually increase the standards of advertising in Malaysia by empowering other young and uprising creatives. 

#Foreword is a collaboration series hosted by creative leads in Malaysia to celebrate passion-driven people and those who inspired their journey. This week we have Ming Han, founder of TheMingThing and creative director at CORE Studios with Sa'ad Hussien, of TBWA Malaysia. 

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Adrian Yap